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American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Training in Philadelphia

CPR and Lifesaving courses in Philadelphia

BLS Providers Mon-Fri 10am & 6:15pm & Sat 10am only

This is one of our most popular courses that teaches the essentials of Healthcare Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation to people who work in hospitals and clinics. Pricing and additional detail can be found below

BLS Skills Sessions Mon-Fri 9am & 5pm & Sat 9am only

This is our second most popular course. Prior to taking this course you must complete the HEARTCODE BLS course key at onlineaha.org Pricing and additional detail can be found below

BLS Renewal Courses comming soon!!

This course is offered for the seasoned healthcare professional who has taken the course many times. It is instructor led but shorter in duration for convenience. 

Heartsaver CPR & AED

This course is designed for the non-healthcare professional such as fitness coaches and pharmacy techs. essentially anyone who works or is around a lot of people. Pricing and additional detail can be found below

Heartsaver CPR & AED with First-Aid

This course is designed for people who wish to learn how to respond to a cardiac emergency but also respond to incidents such as broken bones, burns and profuse bleeding. Until advanced help arrives. Pricing and additional detail can be found below

First-Aid Skills sessions

In order to qualify to take this course you must first complete the First-Aid course key from onlineaha.org you will learn the essentials of workplace safety and how to respond until advanced help arrives. Pricing and additional detail can be found below

How to enroll

Fill out contact Form and we will reach out to you to sign you up trough the American Heart Association Instructor Network



Warning signs a month before the actual heart attack

  • We train using the AHA 2015 guidelines 
  • 100-120 Compressions per minute
  • 30:2 compression/breath ratio
  • Push Hard and Fast at least (2) inches no more than (2.4) inches
  • Allow for full chest recoil
  • Switch rescuers if fatigued
  • Operate under the Philosophy of quality vs quantity
  • Rapid chest compressions and quick defibrillation are the objectives


This image is of the Owner of CPRdirect

Certifications are designed to last 2 years. Hospitals will only accept these CPR certifications due to the cutting-edge scientific research the American Heart Association

CPRdirect is not your basic certification provider. We understand the needs of our clients. One of those needs is quality customer service. In my experience, when calling a company for customer service,  it usually ends with me hanging the phone up in anger do to the person not knowing what he or she is talking about. It is part of CPRdirects mission to make an impact on our clients making them feel like their business is appreciated. You will always be connected to a person who can help you in any way.

The standard BLS course lasts about 2.5-4 hours depending on how many students there are in the class. Like I said before I tend to keep my classes small so everyone of the students has a mannequin to practice on. I have been in the emergency medicine field for close to ten years and I cannot tell you how many times I ran into a rookie who doesn't know how to perform CPR correctly. Here at CPRdirect we make sure when our students walk out the door they are ready to handle a cardiac emergency.

Cardiac arrest

CPR and First Aid Training is fun. One of our sessions could be used to build teamwork and camaraderie among your employees. On some occasions CPR might lower the cost of your insurance.

CPRdirect  covers not only Levittown we also cover Bensalem, Philadelphia, Croydon, Bristol, Fairless hills, Trenton, Newtown, Trevose and many places in New Jersey such as Ewing and Hamilton. Our reach is far and wide.

CPRdirect is an exciting way to receive your CPR certification. We have twenty-two weekly courses that run in the morning and the evening. If you are a business and wish to get your staff certified you could ask for one of our mobile CPR classrooms. It includes audio-visual equipment, AED, state of the art mannequins, AED's and tables and chairs if needed. We can train up to 6 of your personnel and with groups larger than 6 I can call my training center to request more instructors. We will get the job done the right way. The first time!

If you fill out the contact form on the last page by pressing  button the says "American Heart association " you will be logged into our data base.  We will  guide you from initial contact all the way to the students receiving their CPR certifications. If you wish you can heck out our five star reviews on google

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The public can sign up for one of our "BLS for (Healthcare) providers" or the American Heart Associations "Heartsaver CPR AED" Courses

CPRdirect is an American Heart Association CPR and First Aid training in Philadelphia. We are a certification provider. We have what you are looking for. This is why to choose CPR direct in Levittown. We provide CPR first aid training that blows the competition away. As I tell my students "Adapt and Overcome". If we run into an issue it will be quickly resolved by one of our team. It can be confusing finding the right provider. Most people choose based on price, but remember, you get what you pay for. CPRdirect is not only affordable, adaptable and friendly, we are sensitive to the needs of those who need that extra push to learn the CPR skills properly. We have Heartsaver CPR courses designed with the "Lay" person in mind. There are many who would like to take a course, however, they are intimidated. I just certified my 12 year old daughter. If she can do it anybody can.

Some people are shy and afraid they will not be good as other people. That's why we tend to keep the CPR classes smaller, so everybody gets to know the equipment and algorithms correctly. When you sign up for one of our CPR courses you truly are getting the best training money can buy.The AHA CPR certification that lasts two years is the national "Gold Standard" of CPR certifications. Doctors and Hospitals will now only accept a CPR certification from an American Heart Association CPR and First Aid training in Bensalem.  We ensure that you are confident when you walk out the door to handle a cardiac emergency!

About our Professional courses

BLS Providers $80 ( Formerly known as Healthcare providers) This CPR certification will last two years and always use the new 2015 guidelines

Anybody who works in the medical field such as hospitals or clinics should take this course. We cover Adults, Children and Infants. we learn how to properly use a bag-valve mask and treat a child that is choking. We also teach the correct way to use an AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) there is a common misconception that an AED will start a stopped heart but that is simply not true! 

AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED

Heartsaver CPR/AED $95 This certification will also last two years. We also always use the 2015 guidelines

People who work in pharmacies, supermarkets, gyms or the general public where there is going to be a lot of people should take this course. Unlike BLS Providers course you can choose whether you want to learn all three Adult, Child or, infant. We also teach you how to use an AED properly.  However, if your company elects for a test to be given. I would take notes

Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED $110 Certification lasts two years

During this course we cover everything from how to splint  broken bones, diabetic emergencies, anaphylaxis due to an allergic reaction, how to administer an epi-pen properly, laceration, falls with internal bleeding, lightning strikes, how to use a tourniquet properly, how to properly wrap a bleeding wound and many other scenarios. This is the most common course elected by corporations!

mobile CPR classrooms

We specialize in ON-SITE CPR training with our MOBILE CLASSROOM (contact for quote)

The term mobile classroom was coined by myself to give the impression of speed, efficiency and amongst all organization. From the time I enter your establishment to the time I leave you will be amazed at  how smoothly things run. That's because we take that extra time to prepare for the unexpected

The AHA now offers online CPR skills sessions. Click the picture to find out more!! $30 for online course. $60 for skills session

If you go to onlineaha.org and take the "BLS HEARTCODE COURSE KEY, complete the course, bring the certificate of completion to me we can schedule a skills session with me and we can have you out the door within a half hour. Depending on your performance.

Why do Business with CPRdirect?

CPRdirect cares about our clientele. Our number one priority is to get the certification cards to our students. We focus on being courteous, cordial and we treat our customers with respect. Our mission is to ensure that the necessary skills are aquired before walking out the door! you wil not find a more dedicated company for your CPR training needs!!